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White LED Kit (Replacement/Accessory) for Creality CR-6 SE

White LED Kit (Replacement/Accessory) for Creality CR-6 SE

White LED replacement kit designed specifically for the Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer*.

This LED kit is plug-and-play and replaces the existing Blue LED that is part of the hot end assembly. The kit comes with the LED shown in the photos as well as instructions on how to install. The black housing was designed by David DeJeu after going through multiple iterations to find a design that is sleek, fits into the existing LED clips, and takes up minimal space around the hot end. Each of the LED housings are printed and a resistor is soldered to the White LED which is then soldered to a wire with a connector that allows for plug-and-play replacement on the CR-6 SE. The entire electronics assembly is then glued into place and each piece goes through a quality control inspection to ensure functionality prior to being shipped. The entire LED replacement process takes approximately 10 minutes. Note that wire color may vary (white, red, black, etc.) - this does not affect the function of the LED.

The Blue LED that Creality ships with the CR-6 SE is extremely hard on the eyes and does very little to aid in visibility. The White LED uses diffused light to allow you to see the part that you are printing as it is printing. This can help you with seeing how well the part is coming along, help with diagnosing print quality issues, allow you to show others what you are printing in detail, and helps you get hypnotized as you watch the printer lay down one more layer. You can see the detail of the infill, see how well the exterior perimeter is laying down, check to see how well the extreme overhang is laying down, and much more. Using this LED kit, you can also add custom start and stop GCode to your prints to turn the LED on and off at the beginning and end of a print.

*This is a custom made kit, created and designed by David DeJeu. It is not affiliated in any way with the Creality 3D Technology company.

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