Here are some of the most common questions we've received:

  1. How much is shipping?
    1. Shipping is FREE for orders over $99 (before tax and after all discounts). Otherwise, we just pass the exact amount we pay via USPS/UPS. Although, we usually end up covering a portion because we're just nice like that!
    2. View our full Shipping Policy
  2. What if I change my mind after receiving my product(s)? What is the return policy?
    1. Due to the nature of customized goods, we simply cannot allow returns/exchanges if you change your mind. It's specially made just for you (or your friends/family).
    2. For any other issues, such as a mistake we made when engraving the item, or the item/color isn't what you ordered, then of course we'll make it right! Just contact support at orders@TBDlaser.com or give us a call at 906.212.8232 and we'll make it right!
    3. If your item arrives damaged, you'll have to file a claim with the shipping company (either USPS or UPS) directly. We securely pack and protect our items for this reason. Many of the items we make are fragile, so we understand the need for sturdy and safe packaging! If you have any issues filing a claim, we'd be happy to help where we're able.
    4. View our full Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service by clicking their respective links
  3. Do you guys give away any free money, such as site credit?
    1. Funny you should ask... yes we do! There are a few ways to earn free site credit:
      1. Referrals - For every friend that you refer with your unique referral link, you get $5 in credit (and they get a 20% off coupon on their first order!) - head over to the Referral page for more info!
      2. Points/Rewards - To thank our loyal customers, we implemented a reward point system to incentivize various actions. You can earn points by making purchases, leaving reviews, sharing on social media, etc. There are many more ways you can earn (we even give away free points on your birthday!) - visit our Rewards page for more info and to see what the points can be redeemed for!